Video Buffering or Choppy Playback

This typically indicates there is an issue with your connection. These steps may help you troubleshoot: 

1. Are you on a Wi-Fi network that is shared with other devices and users? You may run into buffering issues if you don’t have enough bandwidth for everyone’s devices to be on the Wi-Fi network. If you are on a public network, bandwidth may be an issue. Please try again when you are on your home or office network.

2. Are you simultaneously streaming other videos or music? Are you downloading or uploading large files? These concurrent activities can contribute to latency issues. Please try closing other streaming services and wait for large downloads or uploads to complete and try again.

3. If you're on your home wifi network, and steps 1-2 are not an issue, you may need to upgrade your modem or router. Please check with your internet service provider to ensure your equipment is updated.

4. If you're using a mobile device and not connected to Wi-Fi, and you're experiencing slow loading time or buffering, you may have reached your data cap. This information is typically found under your device Settings, under Network & Internet Data usage.

5. Do you live in a remote area and is this the first time you've visited the site or tried viewing the content in question? It's possible that due to the nature of CDNs, the content has yet to be cached, causing some buffering or lag in load time. The remedy for this is to try to view the content again later, and the content should then be cached. 

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